Acute & Chronic Conditions

An acute disease is an abnormal medical state that arises abruptly. Whereas, chronic disease are illnesses that persist over a longer period of time (by definition lasting more than 3 months) 

Examples of illness that fall into each category include, but are not limited to:  

Acute diseases  Chronic diseases 
Allergies  Diabetes 
Asthma attack  High blood pressure 
Cough and runny nose  High cholesterol 
Diarrhoea  Obesity  
Fever  Enlarged prostate  
Gastric discomfort  Asthma 
Chest infection  Heart disease 
Vomiting  Allergic rhinitis 
Urinary tract infection  Eczema 

Our doctors at Mint Medical Centre are trained and equipped to attend to various Acute & Chronic diseases. 

Acute & Chronic Conditions Articles

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