Expatriate Healthcare in Singapore- Finding your family GP

Welcome to Singapore!

Now that you have finally reached the shores of this tiny bustling island with your family, you settle in after sorting out important stuff like housing, job arrangements, schooling for the children if you have any & then the next step is to find a family GP(General practitioner).

This is where we warmly welcome you to visit Mint Medical Centre!

Why is it important to have a dedicated family doctor?

Your family GP will become an important part of helping you, whether single or with your family, to better adapt to life here in Singapore with its different climate, living environment, food, water and needless to say viruses & bacteria & fungi which abound and stay alive longer in this warm humid weather than in temperate countries.

Things to keep an eye on:
  • It’s fairly common to fall ill more frequently during your first few months here, especially for children who start playschool or nursery for the first time. Even adults who are probably not used to our freezing cold offices and how easily a simple cold transmits amongst colleagues tend to fall ill more often. I like to advice my patients to stock up on manuka honey with UMF 15 and above- a spoonful a day wards off sore throats in the early stages! As well as supplements such as Vitamin C with zinc, a good multivitamin & probiotics.
  • Traveller’s Diarrhoea or stomach flu is another very common condition here, either picked up from another infected person or from eating contaminated food. Diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, tummy cramps are some of the symptoms one might experience and can make for a most uncomfortable few days. Dehydration is the main risk especially in young children, do ensure they have electrolyte solutions to replenish their fluids and bring them to see your family GP early on in the course of illness.
  • Vaccinations are another essential part of life here in Asia. Travel to other parts of South East Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia is so convenient with flights of just a few hours. We go through your vaccination history and make sure you are up to date with vaccines for Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Diphteria, Pertussis, Tetanus to name a few. Mint Medical Centre is also a yellow fever certified vaccination centre and we stock rabies, cholera, meningitis vaccines as well as malaria prophylaxis tablets for the adventurous travellers out there!

Sometimes, the stress of the entire experience of being uprooted from one’s home & familiar environment, away from the comfort of family & friends, having to integrate into a totally new place with a much more hectic (& expensive) way of life can get a bit overwhelming. It helps to have a friendly ear in a safe place for you to share your heart and this is where we at Mint hope to provide that extra care for our lonely or stressed expatriate patients.

It is our hope that as your family GP we can walk this journey with you & your family as you integrate into a happy healthy life here in Singapore.

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