Family Physician
MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (Singapore)

Dora is the managing partner of Mint Medical Centre who possesses the sincere heart and warm pleasant demeanour of a caring family physician. She has always understood the holistic and varied nature of family medicine, so has clinical experience that encompasses children’s and adult’s emergencies, obstetrics & gynaecology, neurosurgery, respiratory medicine, anaesthesia, paediatric surgery, health promotion board (school health) and the government polyclinic.

Dora is acutely aware that knowledge and skill set are the foundation of competence, but doctoring must go beyond treating the physical medical condition. It extends to the respect and care of a patient as a person, which entails connection with both patients as well as family and beyond. This enhances her ability to influence the lifestyle and self-motivational aspects of patients that is often necessary to achieve their health and well-being. She particularly takes pride and satisfaction when she is able to care for and make a difference to entire families.

Since medical school, Dora has participated in and also led teams of healthcare professionals on medical missions to countries like India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Vietnam, China and Thailand. Mint Medical Centre is the fulfilment of her bigger dream of providing ongoing care in a well-rounded, friendly family medicine clinic that serves all people; both locals and expatriates, young and old. She derives special satisfaction from helping those who are new to Singapore and enabling them to settle here well.

In her free time, Dora loves travelling the world in search of adventure and diving, enjoying good food, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, watching musicals and reading.