Family Physician

MBBS (NUS), MMed Fam Med (NUS)

Dr Ho is a Family Medicine Doctor with special interest in the functional and integrative approach to health.  She is based largely in Hong Kong with more than 15 years’ experience. She is licensed in both Singapore and Hong Kong and received her specialization in Family Medicine from Singapore.

Dr Ho holds a diploma from the New York Institute of Integrative Medicine in Integrative Health and Nutrition. She received her Advanced Fellowship in Functional and Nutritional medicine from the American Academy of Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine. In addition, Dr Ho received training at the Swiss Biological Medicine Academy. Dr Ho is also trained and certified under Dr. Walsh’s advanced brain nutrient therapy protocols. Dr Ho believes in treating the patient holistically and finding the underlying root causes of disease. She takes a biochemical, nutritional and genetic approach to manage patients with chronic diseases.

Dr Ho has previously written three books, Heal with Detox, Health with Diet, and Heal with Hormones. She has a special interest in women’s hormones and wellness and had previously won gold for the Women of Wellness award from Liv Magazine in Hong Kong. Her other special interests include gut health, detoxification and anti-aging longevity medicine.